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Single: St. James Infirmary – Louis Armstrong

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One of the coolest songs Cincinnati Babyhead has ever heard.  Man what a great tune.  Jack Teagarden is the perfect voice for this song.   He’s not pretending.  He’s lived it and is living it.  He just has the chops.

Louis and Jack.  What a pair!!  You can hear the miles and the endless gigs on this one.  Live music folks.  Doesn’t get any better.  Can’t get enough of this one.  Beyond cool.  American original from a couple of American originals.

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Put it on and play it again and again and again…..

“Let her go let her go god bless her…”

CB is on the moon again!!!  Get him a time machine and send him back to this concert. ‘Louis Armstrong Town Hall Concert 1947’


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