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Movie Scene : The Wild Bunch – Me And the Boys

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The old man and his rag tag bunch ride up to Deke Thorton who is sitting against a crumbled down adobe wall.  It’s the aftermath of the slaughter.  The old man  didn’t expect to see Thorton.  They exchange a few words.  The the old guy asks Deke if he wants to come along with him and the boys cause “we got some work to do”.  Deke takes the offer in and has a smile at the thought of it.  The old guy joins in and they both have a laugh at the prospect.

Great ending to a great film.  O’Brien and Ryan were made for this scene.  Two old guys heading off to do the only thing they know how to do. Why not.  Peckinpah stamps his film with this scene.  Absolutely perfect!  That is one pathetic looking bunch but CB wanted to go with them.

“It ain’t like it used to be, but it’ll do”

13 comments on “Movie Scene : The Wild Bunch – Me And the Boys

  1. Jim S.
    December 31, 2017

    CB digs up another movie I haven’t seen in ages. The problem is they used to show these flicks all the time on different channels. Now you gotta look for ’em, pay for ’em. Sucks.

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  2. 1537
    January 2, 2018

    Happy New Year CB!

    What a brilliant scene from one of my all-time favourites.

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    • cincinnatibabyhead
      January 2, 2018

      You too!.
      The new year is awaiting the 1537 film take!

      Not to much juice left in the tank but “The boys” are still doing it.

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  3. greenpete58
    January 2, 2018

    “Let’s go!”

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    • cincinnatibabyhead
      January 2, 2018

      I think that’s another line from the film.


      • greenpete58
        January 2, 2018

        You got it. It’s used several times. I guess it has a certain significance, sort of like “Time for action!,” or men who are always on the move and have no home (that’s my interpretation, anyway!).

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      • cincinnatibabyhead
        January 2, 2018

        Exactly. Like Pike in the whore house at the end just before they go to get Angel back. Time to do it one more time. The whole story is these guys running out of time or being passed by it. Great film. It’s all about “time” Pete.

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