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Movie Scene : American Graffiti – Toad Gets Lucky

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The first notes of ‘I Only Have Eyes for You”.  Toad is pouring cocktails on the trunk of his borrowed car.  It’s parked out in the bush.  Debbie’s reclined in front seat enjoying a smoke, waiting for the brew.  It’s Toad’s lucky night and he slides in beside her.  They have a few sips, little conversation and then Toad goes for the lip lock.

This is one funny, cool scene.  Candy Clark and Charles Martin Smith are made for each other.  Cincinnati Babyhead’s all time favorite love scene.  Debbie sure “loves that tuck and roll upholstery”and that’s cool with the Toad.

Slap on the Flamingos, get some brew and get ready for some tender moments in the front seat of your car.  Toads my hero!

“Ow, my leg, my leg”

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