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Movie Scene : Blue Velvet – Ben Lip Syncs

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Ben entertains his friends with his lip sync version of Roy Orbison’s ‘In Dreams’.  Singing into his microphone (Trouble light),  Ben gets lost in the song taking his listeners with him especially Frank.  The song gets to be too much for Frank so he goes over to the tape machine and stops the music.  He gathers himself and his troop and heads out the door for  “A joyride”

Freak show city or what.  David Lynch creates a scene that is forever in CB’s mind and that might not be a good thing.  It’s a slice of a nightmare with everyone involved contributing to it.   Lynch sets the stage and Dean Stockwell and Dennis Hopper bring perfect performances.  Hopper wired to the max and Stockwell wrecked out of his head.  “He’s so fucking suave”.   When Dean breaks out the Orbison it just puts the cherry on top of the rancid sundae.  The other actors add to the atmosphere.  Loved every moment of this scene.  Shows where CB’s head is at.

Warning :  This scene might change your feel for ‘In Dreams’

2 comments on “Movie Scene : Blue Velvet – Ben Lip Syncs

  1. Jim S.
    October 8, 2017

    Such an oddball movie. Haven’t seen it in years. I think sometimes Lynch is either a mad genius or has a screw loose.

    Liked by 1 person

    • cincinnatibabyhead
      October 8, 2017

      Yeah but he needs people like Hopper and Stockwell to bring it to life. Re watch coming up soon.


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