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Movie Scene : The Offence – Johnny’s Breakdown


Johnny comes home late from work.  He’s a cop and he’s just been suspended for beating a suspect, who may die as a result.  He bangs around the apartment getting a drink.  He wakes up his wife who comes out to see what’s up.  They have some harsh words giving us a look into their strained marriage.  Johnny tells her about the incident he’s been suspended over.  “I hardly touched him”.  He proceeds to vent and drink.  We see that this isn’t a once in a while thing.  This is their relationship.  Dark, dreary and dead.

This scene hit CB right in the guts.  Not easy to watch.  Sidney Lumet’s direction,  John Hopkin’s writing, Vivien Merchant and Sean Connery’s performances provide the punch.  Uplifting,  feel good? Not a chance.  Real, raw, dark, uncensored, yeah.

Sean Connery as a man that has seen too much ugliness is fantastic.  We are watching someone having a breakdown and the effects of that on the people around him.  Especially his wife.  She is worn out as much as he is.  Johnny to his wife, “What happened to you?  You’re such a mess”.  Heart breaking.  He’s hurting so he hurts others.  Great scene and great work from everyone involved. Merchant is perfect as Johnny’s wife.  Connery is absolutely lights out.  This guy is a good actor.

Not everyone’s cup of tea but CB loves this scene and this flick.  Check it out.

One comment on “Movie Scene : The Offence – Johnny’s Breakdown

  1. Chris
    November 17, 2018

    If I can find it, I’ll check it out. Sounds good

    Liked by 1 person

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