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Movie Scene : Black Sunday – Who took the picture?


Michael’s past is catching up with him.  He’s venting on what he went through as a prisoner of war and how it was just as bad when he came home.  He blows a gasket, then is over come by the one thing that was his obsession as a POW.  He got a letter from home and there was a picture inside.  All he could think about was  “Who took the picture of Margaret and the kids”.

Bruce Dern ripped CB’s heart out in this scene.  He is living it and feeling every ounce of the pain it cost him. You think he’s just going to get angry and yell and scream but no , Bruce takes it to the hurt and how that felt.  CB tears up for the character.

Bruce Dern is a CB hall of famer.  So many great scenes from this guy.  This is just one of them.   Great work Bruce!!

“Little weenies and a coke”.  Not too many actors can say a line like that.  Bruce can.


2 comments on “Movie Scene : Black Sunday – Who took the picture?

  1. Jim S.
    January 29, 2017

    Wow. An almost forgotten film that came to mind recently. Why? Amazon has a patent for ‘floating warehouses.’ So the idea is that if you wanted something, you order it, the order goes to the nearest warehouse and a drone delivers it! They even mentioned the possibility of some guy in a football stadium ordering a hot dog to save himself a trip to the stands. And so I said to myself, “Have they never seen Black Sunday?” Anyway, CB is definitely up on his quality movies, that’s for sure.

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    • cincinnatibabyhead
      January 29, 2017

      That is so cool that you would make that connection. ‘Black Sunday’ is a great flick. Frankenheimer, Robert Shaw and the Dernster = a fave. Dern has a couple other fantastic scenes. In the VA office is one of them. Again, Thanks for your input Jim. I’m still smiling.

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