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Movie Scene : Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid – Repent you SOB

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Billy’s playing cards in the jailhouse as they build his gallows outside.  He just wants the deputy  he’s playing with to “play it straight”.  Bob is sitting at the other end of the room on guard cradling a shotgun.  Billy throws an insult “It’s just Bob that smells like street shit over there”.  Bob loses it and comes over , knocks Billy to the floor then holds the shotgun to Billy’s chest and tells him to “Repent you son of a bitch”.

Classic Sam Peckinpah. Real, raw, violent. Great images, dialogue.  Sam sets the scene for the action to play out.  Kris Kristofferson is on the end of R.G. Armstrong’s bible thumping fury.  Perfect casting.  R.G. is one of Babyhead’s heroes.  No acting involved with him.  Great scene.  Sam does it again.  Images and scene forever embedded in CB’s mind.

I’d repent to if R.G. Armstrong did that to me.

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(Image of Bob and Billy is on the back cover of Bob Dylan’s soundtrack )



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