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Movie Scene : Manhunter – Will visits Dr. Lecktor



Will Graham goes to to see Dr. Lecktor to get the feel for a case he’s working.  Graham helped put the doctor away in a previous case.  That case almost cost Graham his life with Lecktor coming close to butchering him.  On this visit Will gets the feel back and more.

Fantastic scene!  Michael Mann and his DOP,  Dante Spinotti catch the subtleties and the menace of the scene.  William Petersen is solid and we feel his anxiety.   Brian Cox is  beautiful.  From his pasty prison look to his subtle realistic performance.  Cox is the best.  He will always be this character to CB.

Two actors engaged in the moment 100 percent.  Great scene from a really good film.

“Would you like to leave me your home phone number?”

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