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Movie Scene : Reservoir Dogs – Toothpick Vic

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Vic Vega gets out of jail and goes to see his old boss Joe to thank him for helping him out while he was in the joint.  He also wants to go back to work for Joe.  Joe’s son Eddie comes into his dad’s office while the meeting is going on. He and  Vic reconnect their friendship.  They insult each other and end up wrestling around before Joe tells them to to cut it out. “If you want to roll around on the floor, do it in Eddie’s office”.

They eventually get down to business with Joe and Eddie welcoming Vic back into the fold and getting him on the next job.

This is a funny scene.  Uncensored.  Penn, Madsen and Tierney are perfect as bad guys doing what they do.  Tierney is like a fucked up dad telling these two dumb shits to behave and the boys actually listen.  The conversation between the three is great.  The wrestling in the office is beautiful.  Now that’s funny.

What did CB learn from this scene?  You want Doris Day to be your parole officer not that fucking asshole Seymour Scagnetti.


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