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Movie : The French Connection

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The film opens up in Marseilles.  We see a man following another man through the streets.  The man doing the following is eventually shot and killed with the assassin taking a piece of the french loaf the victim was carrying.

We cut to the streets of Brooklyn.  Kids are talking to a man in a Santa Claus outfit. Another man is close by running a hot dog cart.  Santa and the hot dog guy are casing a bar.  Eventually it leads to a foot chase with the undercover cops laying a beating on a suspect.

The movie got my attention.  We jump back and forth between Marseilles and New York.  Somethings going down.  The two drug cops we met on the stake out, Doyle and Russo start tailing a guy on Doyle’s gut feeling that something about the guy is “wrong”.  It eventually leads to a connection with the person we seen in France.who travels to New York to make his drug deal.

This is the premise.  The story plays out with the cops trying to catch and bust these guys.  Cincinnati Babyhead absolutely dug this style of film making..  Everything about it.  The documentary style, the locations, the music, directing, performances.  All of it.

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You feel you’re on the streets of New York.  Part of the cops’ hunt for the bad guys.  The tailing, the surveillance.  In one scene the cops are watching the suspect eating in a upscale restaurant while they’re outside eating cold pizza, drinking bad coffee and freezing their asses off.

William Friedkin makes a great film.  Owen Roizman’s camera work captures it all with a real and gritty feel.  Don Ellis supplies the perfect music.  The performances are all good.  Roy Scheider and Fernando Rey are perfect.  You totally buy Hackman as Popeye Doyle.  Relentless and obsessed to the max.  Great film character and one of the best cops ever.  Fantastic work by Gene.

Great scenes throughout.  Car chase (one of the best), shaking down drug bar, Popeye and Russo making Sal at the start of the movie, the tailing scenes, etc..

Great great flick.  Set the bar high for the kind of film CB liked.  Original piece of film making.  One of the very best cop movies.  Great movie period.  Love this style.

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“Ever been to Poukeepsie?”

2 comments on “Movie : The French Connection

  1. Jim S.
    October 12, 2016

    One of my favorites. Chase scene is, of course, awesome. But it’s that gritty NY realness I like. I recently watched the sequel and while it has some good stuff, I think it just sort of sits there and doesn’t really grab you.

    Liked by 1 person

    • cincinnatibabyhead
      October 12, 2016

      I love that gritty feel. Being a Philly guy that would ring true for you. ‘The Seven-Ups’ catches that also. Good flick. Yeah I have the sequel on deck. Not in the same league but Frankenheimer is always interesting. The original doesn’t have too many false notes. We are on the same page for this one. Thanks Jim.


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