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Movie Scene : Scarecrow – I can’t do it alone.


Max is sitting in a hospital hallway when they wheel a comatose Lion out of a room on a gurney.  Max checks with the doctor to see what’s wrong with his friend.  He finds out he’s in serious trouble, “catatonic”.

Max has a hard time processing this information.  Tells the doctor “I’m going to take care of him”.  Says Lion “is just fooling around”.  He goes to Lion and starts to talk to him but is getting no response which frustrates and scares him.  He starts to shake him, telling him to “wake up you little bastard”.  He pulls him up and hugs him telling  him ” I just can’t make it alone anymore”.  The doctor and orderlies pull Max away and Lion is wheeled away.  Max is left standing in the hallway by himself.

Phew!  What a heart wrenching scene.  Gene Hackman is dynamite.  He puts so much truth, love, heart, soul, you name it into this performance.   It’s hard to call it a performance or acting because it’s so real and raw.  The emotion is  alive.  Gene is one of the best and he proves it here.   Al Pacino does the “catatonic”.  Fantastic scene.  It would get an award if Babyhead had one.

CB knew he had some kind of feelings because after watching this he was moved.

(This is just one great scene from a movie full of them)

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