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Album : The Dark Side Of The Moon – Pink Floyd


Heavy heart beat, cash register, talk, laughing, scream and the Pink Floyd kicks in with their sound.  This opens up the album.  Babyhead was familiar with the band, having dug their great previous ‘Meddle’ album and others.  He was anticipating this record.  A friend had the album so he got to hear it for the first time on a great sound system.  Hi Fi man.  Lots going on for your listening pleasure on this LP

After ‘Breathe’ Floyd messes around with some sound effects then get into ‘Time’.  It was songs like this that really did it for CB.  It has a spaghetti western, Ennio Morricone sound.  Love David Gilmour’s guitar.  He cuts loose.  Sounds great played loud.  Great Pink Floyd cut.  Like the way this album flows,  the way it’s put together.  This was unique music.  Pink Floyd music.  ‘Gig’ Continues the big swings with vocals by Clare Torry.  Great sound.

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‘Money’ opens up side two.  A Cincinnati Babyhead fave.  Great tune.  Heavy bass beat and Gilmour’s wicked guitar again.  And oh yeah, the sax kills it, courtesy of Dick Parry.  Cool, cool song.  ‘Us and Them’changes the pace but is another good tune with more of Dick’s playing.  This album was why headphones were invented.  ‘Brain Damage’ was perfect for the headphones.

This album never gets old for Babyhead.  Great listening experience with or without getting small.  Slap on the headphones, bracket some time and get a head trip.

Turn it up you lunatics.

2 comments on “Album : The Dark Side Of The Moon – Pink Floyd

  1. Tony
    May 11, 2017

    This is another of those albums that I’d call faultless. I can put this on and love every single moment of those almost-43 minutes. I always find something new in the mix depending on the quality of the stereo. I remember hearing it for the first time when I was maybe 11 or 12…. it changed the way I thought guitars and music should sound.

    Liked by 1 person

    • cincinnatibabyhead
      May 11, 2017

      Great comment! CB again could not deny this music. Yeah, the sound system helps this one. Staying power is the thing with the music I listen too and this has that in droves.


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