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Movie Scene : The Artful Dodger

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Oliver Twist runs away to London.  He is swept up in the size and depth of the city.  He finds a drink of water and sits to rest.  Worn out, alone, tired, hungry.  He’s spotted by a bigger, rough looking boy who looks more in-tune to the environment.  This street kid sizes up  the new arrival and moves in to befriend him.  He takes hold of Oliver and leads him into the darker side of the city.  We are swept away through alley ways, over passed out drunks, up stairways, across bridges and to a door.  The street kid whistles and the door starts to open.  What next??

We have just met one of Cincinnati Babyhead’s all time favorite film characters, The Artful Dodger.  David Lean absolutely takes us into Dickens’ world and The Dodger is our tour guide.

Anthony Newley is the Dodger and always will be to CB.  Great scene, great movie, great character!

“You got any lodgins?”

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