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Movie : Midnight Cowboy

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“Where’s that Joe Buck?”.  “Where’s that Joe Buck?”.

Putting on some fancy duds, that’s where.  Then he’s heading to New York city to be a hustler and we’re going along for the ride.  It doesn’t take long for the hustler to get hustled.

After a rocky start he buddies up with Enrico “Ratso” Rizzo,  who becomes his manager in the hustling biz.  It’s not the situation Joe Buck had in mind but the two form a warped friendship.  We follow their short time together and are drawn into the sketchy side of the streets.  Through this low life, down and out existence the two cling to each other for survival.  You just know it’s not going to go well.

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Babyhead somehow got into the theater to see this movie.  He was underage.  Midnight Cowboy took him into a new kind of film- making.  It was a journey into another world.  The film captured his interest on a lot of levels.  It set the tone for the kinds of movies he was going to see in the 70’s.  A smorg of this style.  A more gritty, raw, real type of film.

John Schlesinger captured so much of it.  The feel, grit, look, sound.  The street plays a role and you’re engaged in it.  And then you have Dustin Hoffman and Jon Voight. playing two of film’s most memorable characters.  Joe Buck and Ratso Rizzo.  Street rat meets big dumb shit.  You buy these guys.  It’s great work by both of them.  They have so many great scenes together.  Running the gamut of trying to screw each other to heartfelt moments.  Laughs and tears.  Joe and Ratso were made for each other.  Them together on the bus will get to you.   Great, great stuff.  Great movie!

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Midnight Cowboy opened up new doors for CB.  A new style of film and he was going to gorge himself.  Babyhead and a buddy used to go around doing a bad imitation of Joe Buck.  They still pull it out from time to time.  Joe just has that kind of effect.

“John Wayne…you telling me he was a fag?”

“Everybody’s talking at me, I don’t hear a word they’re saying..”

2 comments on “Movie : Midnight Cowboy

  1. J.
    July 16, 2018

    Can you believe I’ve never seen this? Seriously. Ridiculous. I’ve watched the beginning about 10 times, but I always nodded off during the credits. No kidding. I’d put it on too late, or it was on TV real late. I got too cosy, man.

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