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Movie : In The Heat Of The Night

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A black man is between trains in a small Mississippi town.  He’s picked up on suspicion of murder and hauled into jail.  It’s revealed that the suspected man is a homicide detective from Philadelphia who was visiting his mother.  His name is Virgil Tibbs.  With a half -assed apology, the police chief, Bill Gillespie sends him on his way then reconsiders, maybe this hot shot detective Virgil Tibbs can help solve his murder.  There is also pressure from the murdered victim’s wife to keep Virgil around to help find the killer.

Virgil and Gillespie form an odd partnership, with the local cop being full- bore ahead, blind to the facts, let’s get this thing wrapped up and Virgil being methodical and deliberate with his techniques.  Not only do they clash racially but professionally as well.  They run into political corruption, racism, ignorance and sexual tension.  Gillespie spends half his time trying to keep Virgil alive.  We go on the investigation with the two and are drawn into this world.

Norman Jewison directs a  real good solid film.  Haskell Wexler captures the feel of the environment.  Performances from the supporting cast, Warren Oates, Scott Wilson, Quentin Dean, Anthony James are solid.  Rod Steiger and Sidney Poitier individually are real good.  Always like Sidney’s subtle work.  It’s together that they really cook.  A scene at Gillespie’s house between the two is great work.  Two memorable film characters.

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The film has lots of twists and great scenes that kept Babyhead engaged.  Plus it doesn’t hurt when you have Ray Charles sing the title song!  Check out Ralph listening to “Foul Owl On the Prowl” in the diner.  Creeper city.

Check out ‘In The Heat Of The Night’.  Great motion picture.

“Don’t you get just a little lonely?”

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