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Album : apostrophe (‘) – Frank Zappa

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“Dreamed I was an Eskimo..” The first thing Cincinnati Babyhead heard from Frank Zappa.  CB didn’t know what to expect from the album just that a buddy (with a smile on his face ) said I would like it.  He was right.  A little humor with a  big side of cool music.  Horns, vibes, cool backing vocals, keyboards and some great guitar.  Loved his playing right away.

Lots of changes and left turns in the music but it all worked and sounded good.  Didn’t know where the music was going during the song or cut to cut.  These guys could play.  Lots of influences shaping the music.  Like a wacked out orchestra.

‘Cosmik Debris’ is a very cool tune.  Love FZ’s vocals and he cuts loose with some wicked guitar.  Great song.  “Now is that a real poncho or is that a Sears poncho?”.  The title song kills it.  CB absolutely loved it.  Hard rock.  Jack Bruce, Jim Gordon and FZ put it together.  A Babyhead favorite.  They rock out on this one.  Could listen to a whole album of this style by these guys.  Still digs it big time today.  ‘Stink Foot’ ends the album.  What boy in his early teens isn’t going to like a song with that title.   Funny lyrics and story with Zappa  laying down some great work after Fido fetches the slippers.

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This music did it for Babyhead.  Loved the sound, the humor and Frank Zappa’s guitar.  Wasn’t going to hear a lot of this kind of music on the radio.  So it was down to the record store to check out some more.  Zappa wasn’t playing it straight.  Loved this album.  A definite favorite.  So…

“Get your shoes and socks off people….”   “This boogies a mess”

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