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Album : Greetings From Asbury Park, N.J. – Bruce Springsteen

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Cincinnati Babyhead was coming at this album after hearing and being blown away by ‘The Wild, The Innocent & the E Street Shuffle’.  Good feeling from the record right off the bat.  ‘Blinded By the Light’ sets the mood and tone.  Yeah this is the same guy CB was looking for.  ‘Growin Up’continues the  feel.  Liked the way this guy strung words together and his lyrics.  “The flag of piracy flew from my mast..”.  Springsteen sings ‘Mary Queen of Arkansas’ like he means it.  He conjures up images and feelings and puts you in the song.  On ‘ Does This Bus Stop at 82nd Street?’ he strings the words together making it sound easy.  Babyhead was along for the ride.  This sets up the next song ‘Lost In the flood’.  David Sancious’ piano sets it up under the lyrics then the band kicks in.  What a song.  Images exploding.  Cool cool!  Still get goosebumps listening to it.  “Hey man did you see that…”  it’s like you’re in the song.  Fantastic!!  End side one.

This music was starting to get into CB.  It was special and he felt it was his music.  His style.

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‘The Angel’ opens side two.  Springsteen’s take on a biker.  “baseball cards poked in his spokes”.  There’s a memory from being a kid.  ‘For You’ is about coming to get his girl.  Like Sancious’ organ on this.  Springsteen runs out of breath in this song.  ‘Spirit In The Night’ was an instant favorite.  Just with the sax at the top you knew you were in for a ride.  Some great lyrics paint the scene and you want to be at that party.  Loved everything about this song.  Clarence Clemmons’ leads the way.  Springsteen makes rolling around in the dirt romantic.  ‘It’s Hard To Be A Saint In The City’  opens with a cool jazzy blues sound.  Lyrics are great and so is Springsteen’s vocals.  Babyhead wanted to be the “Saint”.  All the songs on this album stuck in CB’s head.  Lyrics, images, riffs.  They’re still in his head today.

At the time the only thing influencing Babyhead about this guy was the music.  It’s all he needed.  He didn’t need anyone explaining what to like about it.  He just dug it.  Springsteen was doing it his way.  The music was coming through him, where it was coming from Cincinnati didn’t know but it was coming from somewhere.  Lots of it and it was good.  I can’t minimize how much CB liked this album and this guy’s music.  It was moving him in a lot of ways and it was taking a special place in his listening pleasure.  It just permeated  him.

So two albums by this Springsteen guy and CB was hooked.  What next?  Look for album number three fella!

“Anybody wanna go on up to Greasy Lake..”



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