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Movie Scene: Steamboat Bill Jr. – Hats

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First time Babyhead saw this scene he laughed out loud.  He still does.

Buster’s dad takes his son to the haberdashery to get a new hat that suits him.  That’s the scene.  If you’ve ever tried on hats you’ll get it.  Some kindas, maybes, oks and get that off as fast as I can.

Buster Keaton and Ernest Torrence create a classic bit.  Torrence is perfect as the old man.  Getting the angles as he looks Buster over.  Subtle funny stuff.   He’s taking this situation seriously and gives it the attention he thinks it deserves.  He’s got to get a hat for this kid of his.  Buster is simply the best.  Love these two guys and love this scene.  Buster is a Babyhead favorite.

Give yourself a good belly laugh and try on a hat.

2 comments on “Movie Scene: Steamboat Bill Jr. – Hats

  1. Thom Hickey
    September 1, 2016

    Buster the absolute top of the comedic tree and a major innovator in film. Thom


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