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Album: Transformer – Lou Reed

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‘Vicious’ Liked it right away.  Babyhead was expanding his musical likes.  He heard ‘Walk On the Wild Side’ and went and found the album.  His intro to Lou Reed.  It was a walk into a different style of music but there was no question, he liked what he was hearing.  He still finds himself singing ‘Perfect Day’from time to time.  On ‘Hangin’ Round’, ‘Wagon Wheel’ and’I’m So Free, Lou shows he’s still a rocker when he’s feeling it.

‘Walk On The Wild Side ‘ is the song that got Babyhead’s attention.  It’s good for a lot of reasons.  Bass intro is perfect then all the images the lyrics conjure up.  Love Lou’s talk sing style.  Cool tune.  Never get tired of it.  At the end he tops it off with a sax solo and you know how CB feels about the sax.  Yeah!  End side One.

download (2)

Cincinnati Babyhead was beginning to like music that had some big swings.  Lou fit that bill.  Tuba on the first cut of side two and some more of his lyrics “You’re a slick little girl”.  CB liked it.  ‘Satellite Of Love’ is a Babyhead favorite.  “Things like that drive me out of my mind”.  ‘NY Telephone Conversation’?  Huh?  ‘I’m So Free’ gets back on track.  Lou is a rocker at heart.  ‘Goodnight Ladies’ends the album.  This song has stuck in Babyhead’s head since he first heard it.

The album opened up more musical ideas for CB and led him to others that were playing music that they dug.  Chances were that others would dig it also. Babyhead certainly did.  CB had a friend who did silk screening at home so he put the front cover shot on a t shirt for him.. A little promo for Lou.

On the to do list was to find more music by this Lou guy.  Babyhead played the shit out of this record and it’s still on his LP pile.  One of his fave albums.

Oh yeah he got some pretty solid support on the record.

“Swoop swoop oh baby rock rock”


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