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Movie Scene : One Eyed Jacks – Tub of Guts

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Howard is at the bar force feeding a woman food and drink.  Rio is sitting at a table  taking in the scene at the bar.  Howard pretty much covers all aspects of abuse, verbal, physical…”That’s the way you got to treat them Barney”.  Rio doesn’t think so.  He gets up and takes care of business.

Brando does a slow burn and then he explodes.  Shot of him listening to Carey abusing the girl says it all.  He’s going to mess this guy up.  If anyone ever deserved a shit kicking in the movies it’s Timothy Carey in in ‘One Eyed Jacks’.  He’s beautiful.  A Babyhead favorite.

Brando and Carey are a match made in film heaven.  Great scene, great flick.

“Get up you big tub a guts”



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