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Movie : In Cold Blood

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Babyhead’s  old man had Truman Capote’s  book laying around the house.  Cincinnati  read it then saw the movie.

The film tells the story of two ex- convicts who hook up while on parole.  One of them has some info on a rich farmer who he heard about when he was in prison.  The farmer has 10k sitting in a safe on his farm.

They go and do the crime.  The film follows the two, Dick Hickock and Perry Smith after the fact.  We also watch the cops try to piece the crime together. The two are eventually caught and then we hear about and relive the crime through their confessions.

The film is dark, heavy, bleak and raw.  The black and white cinematography enhances the mood.  It has a feel of a documentary.  Quincy Jones’s soundtrack also adds to the feel.  Richard Brooks puts it all together and pulls off a great piece of work.  He uses a lot of silence in his shots and it works.  Conrad Hall’s cinematography is beautiful.

The casting is perfect.  Robert Blake and Scott Wilson as Perry and Dick are bang on.  Two really good performances.  The cops led by John Forsythe are realistic and  quietly get the job done guys.  Charles Mcgraw as Perry’s dad is always worth watching in CB’s opinion.  Solid work from all the actors.  No false notes.


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You get a feel for both Perry and Dick’s lives.  It’s told short and sweet.  You feel for the circumstances that created them and the cold hard guys they became.  Sad fucked up.  The cops work is quiet and brooding.  You feel the senselessness of the crime along with them.  The interrogation scenes are real and just matter of fact.  Scott Wilson’s work in these scenes is very good.

Lots of memorable scenes.  Perry witnessing the abuse of his mother.  Our two guys collecting pop bottles with a kid and his grampa ( a breath of fresh air in the film ).  Babyhead collected a few pop bottles in his time as a kid.  Great scene. Going back to the scene of the crime is scary stuff.  Cold and brutal.  The title is fitting.  Perry talking in his cell near the end.  ” I hate him and I love him”.  Beautiful shot.  The last scene Brooks puts the stamp on the film.

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Not a day at the beach.  Nothing flashy here.  Stark, truthful and realistic.  CB loves this style of film making.  A couple hours of great film making.  Not for everyone.  Take a chance and take a walk on the edge.

Dick Hickock on hanging.  “Sure I’m for hang’n.  Just so long as I’m not the one being hanged”.

4 comments on “Movie : In Cold Blood

  1. Phil Strawn
    October 14, 2020

    Hey CB, I know this is an older post, but check out the movie about Capote starring Sandra Bullock as Harper Lee. I loved the one with Seymor Hoffman, and I have read In Cold Blood more than once. Since you are a fan of Larry McMurtry, check out the book “News of The World.” Tom Hanks is in the movie due out at Christmas.

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