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Movie Scene: “Is it safe?” – Marathon Man

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“Is it safe?” is still stuck in Cincinnati Babyhead’s mind years after seeing this scene.

Babe is sitting in a bare room tied to a chair.  Three men walk enter.  One goes to the sink and starts to wash up.  He speaks.  “Is it safe?”.  He repeats it several times.  Babe starts to get scared and nervous.  So does Babyhead.  The man drys his hand and moves over to a table and reveals some dental instruments.  Oh oh!!  Not good.

Won’t take you through the scene step by step but when Olivier hits the nerve, CB went through the roof with Hoffman.

Hoffman is given a choice after this.  “Relief/discomfort?” No win situation for our hero.

Second part of the scene Szell busts out the drill.  We won’t even go there.  The scene is underplayed by Laurence and he’s fantastic.  John Schlesinger shoots the scene from different angles.  There is no music just the natural sound.  You’re in the chair with Hoffman and it’s very unpleasant.  And good film.

Babyhead had a dentist like this when he was a kid.  No Bullshit..  He was nasty.  Every kid in the neighborhood had a horror story about the guy.  Every time I see this film CB thinks about that old savage.  Ouch!!!

Oh yeah.  The rest of the film is really good.

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