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Album: Who’s Next – The Who

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Piano, drums kick in.  What a sound.  ‘Baba O’Riley’.  Great opening cut to a great album.  One of the best for Cincinnati Babyhead.  Close out the first cut with some hoedown violin.  CB was loving it.  Then right into ‘Bargain”.  Great drums,  cool lyrics and voice,  guitar.  Energy city.  ‘Love Ain’t For Keeping’.  CB just liked this song, he was caught up in this album.  ‘My Wife’.  Babyhead didn’t have a wife but he dug this song.  Wicked horn(s) at the end.  Cool tune.  ‘Song is Over’ ends side one and CB wanted to get to side two.

These guys could do no wrong in Babyhead’s book.  They appealed to his musical tastes.  He just really liked what he was hearing and wanted more.

‘Getting in Tune’ opens side two.  Lyrics, the music, yeah good tune.  ‘Behind Blue Eyes’ just solidifies The Who sound.  They explode partway into the song.  Great lyric.  Great, great tune.  They wrap it up with ‘Won’t Get Fooled Again’.  What a song!  Love the twang thing Daltrey does.  The boys really get together on this one.  Heard this a lot over the years and it still gets CB going.  He just starts to move.  The drums are killer.  Great end lyric.

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What an album!!  One of Babyheads favorites.  It was right up his alley.  The Who were becoming one of his favorite bands.  These four guys, Townshend, Daltrey, Entwistle and Moon, together made great music.  Rock Roll their style.  It wasn’t hard to like this band.

This was the second album (Who Live at Leeds,was the first)  CB heard from these guys and it sealed the deal.  It’s been on the turntable a lot over the years. Staple.

So  “Lets get together before we get much older”

Oh yeah.  Cool cover.  These guys knew how to dress.


2 comments on “Album: Who’s Next – The Who

  1. Paul S
    March 8, 2020

    ‘Won’t Get Fooled Again’ is incredible. I still get goosebumps every time I hear it.

    Liked by 1 person

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