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Movie Scene: Shane – One Less Sodbuster

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Cold.  Mean.  Deadly.

That’s what you get here. From the first shot of Torrey and Swede riding into town to the end shot of Swede dragging Torrey’s body out of the mud.  A great piece of cinema and a Babyhead favorite.

Stevens sets it all up perfectly.  A storm is coming and you can feel it.  The cinematography is beautiful, the scene is ugly.

Palance is all confident,  menacing and intimidating walking the wooden sidewalk with his spurs jingling.  Elisha Cook Jr. is making his way through the mud.  Uneasy and off balance.

“Where do you think you’re going?”

“To get a whisky”

I don’t think so.  Mismatch city.  Palance and Cook are cast perfectly.  Classic.  One of the best.  You see Jack Palance standing in front of a bar, keep walking to the next one.

“One less sodbuster”

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