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Movie: The Naked Prey

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A small safari sets out from a fort in Africa to hunt for ivory.  One of the hunters refuses to pay a local tribe a fee for hunting in their country.  An other hunter warns him that failing to pay this small amount will mean trouble.  After the hunters fill their ivory quota and their blood lust their lack of respect to the land and it’s people comes back to haunt them.

They are taken by a tribe and systematically slaughtered to the entertainment of the tribes people.  The remaining white hunter is stripped and given a head start and then is pursued by a group of the tribes warriors.  We follow this game of survival played out in the harsh, beautiful landscape of Africa.

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Cincinnati Babyhead saw this movie as a kid and it stuck with him.  Appealed to his sense of adventure.  The movie didn’t pull any punches.  The brutality and violence of the situation is felt.  It’s raw, stark and real.

This is a travelogue with a large dose of danger thrown in.  The sense of place is caught by the cinematography.  You feel and see Africa.  The tribes people are authentic and the warriors are the real deal.   No English dubbed in.  They speak in their tongue.  The music adds to the feel.

Cornel Wilde as the prey is great.  You get caught up in his performance.  He keeps it focused and real.  It’s all about staying alive. His exhaustion, hunger, thirst and adrenalin are felt.  One of the images that stuck with CB was the eating of a snail.  He actually made it look good, juicy.  Wilde does a good job with this movie.  He keeps it real.

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Lots of memorable scenes.  Lots to like in this film.  CB watched it recently and enjoyed it.  So if you want a good adventure story and to see some beautiful country, The Naked Prey is worth it.

Get savage and go for a little run and enjoy the cuisine.



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