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Movie Scene: GoodFellas – Dinner at Ma’s

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The boys stop by Tommy’s moms place to pick up a knife.  It’s late and they don’t want to wake her up.  They no sooner get in the back door and the lights go on and Mom is standing in the kitchen welcoming the company.  She’s happy to see Tommy and his friends and wants to make a visit out of it.  “Never see you anymore”.  She ends up making them something to eat and they all sit down to the meal.  Small talk, bs, few jokes, having a great visit and some chow.  Mom then pulls out her latest painting and Tommy plays art critic and Jimmy sees a resemblance to someone they know from the painting.  The guy in the trunk.  Tommy clues in and gets a big charge out of it.

Funny , funny scene.  Little chit chat, catch up.  Everything’s cool.  Babyhead lost it when Scorsese’s mom brings out her painting.  It’s perfect and you feel like you’re sitting at the table.  Great piece of film.  Scorsese, Peci, DeNiro, Liotta and Mom pull it off.

Babyhead has sat in at a few meals like this but never with someone tied up in the trunk of the car. Like Jimmy says to Ma “This is delicious”

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