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Movie Scene: There Will Be Blood – Plainview Repents

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Daniel Plainview goes to church to repent.  The preacher asks “Is there a sinner looking for salvation?”.  Daniel raises his hand.  He is brought up in front of the congregation.  The preacher brings the full force of his godly calling to get Daniel to repent his sins, to save his soul.  Plainview gets more than he bargained for.

This is one rough church.  Intense scene to the extreme.

Day-Lewis is in the scene body and soul.  He’s put through the ringer and you can feel the intensity of the moment.  Can’t really call this acting because it’s as real as it gets.

When he repeats after the preacher ” I have abandoned my son” you feel the weight and the guilt of those words.  Scary good.

Babyhead will not be running to this church to get saved in fact he’ll be running like hell in the opposite direction.  What a scene!!!

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