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Movie: Magnificent Seven

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Bandits are terrorizing a small village.  The villagers decide to fight back.  They send 3 of their own to another town to hire men to protect their village.  Reaching their destination the 3 witness two gunmen escorting a hearse to Boot Hill under dangerous circumstances.  These are the kind of men the villagers are seeking.  After the Boot Hill incident they approach one of the gunmen and  present their proposition.  The gunman, Chris, sees that it’s not the best paying job but what the hell he’s not doing anything else. He recruits six other gunmen who because of their poor financial shape join him against all of their better judgments.  They go back to the village and prepare the villagers for the next visit from the 40 plus bandits.  We watch as the men live with and teach this motley crew of farmers how to defend themselves.  We wait for the bad guys to show up for the big showdown.

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The ‘Magnificent Seven’ appealed to a young Cincinnati Babyhead.  Seven gunfighters playing the heroes.  Right up his alley.  Totally engaged in the story.  Locations are authentic and rugged. The cinema-photography is beautiful.  Cool theme music and Sturges puts together a cool cast.


Yul and the boys are perfect.  All cool in their own individual ways.  Eli Wallach is honing his outlaw chops.  Always need a lowlife bad guy who you want dead.  Loved Robert Vaughn’s performance.  Against the grain of all the others.  McQueen has the movie’s best line.  “We deal in lead friend”.  Classic.

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Hey CB dug this film, what can I say.  He’s a sucker for a good duster.  The movie looks good and was one of CB’s initial cinematic experiences.  Sitting in the theater he was blasted by what was coming at him.  It stuck with him for a lot of good reasons.  He’s watched it a few times over the years.

Like the boys in the movie.  If you got nothing better to do hook up with these seven dudes for a couple of hours.


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