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Movie: Whatever Happened To Baby Jane

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The story opens with a child performer, Baby Jane Hudson doing her act on stage.  Looks like it’s taking place at the turn of the century.  We find out that Baby Jane is the families’ meal ticket.  She has a sister, Blanche who is relegated to the background.  We jump ahead a few years and now the roles are reversed.  Blanche is a movie star and Jane plays second fiddle.  We jump a head in time again and now the two sisters are old and living as recluses.  Blanche is confined to a wheel chair and Jane is her caregiver.  And what a caregiver she is.  Jane isn’t the most stable person in the world and when Blanche plans to sell the house, without telling Jane, this sets her off into crazy land.

Cincinnati Babyhead had seen a few horror movies but this was a different kind of scary.  Crazy scary.  Robert Aldrich sets it all up.  We’re trapped in the house with Blanche and take a ride into madness with Baby Jane.

Both actresses are very good.  Both playing their age and throwing vanity out the window.  They both show lots of wear and tear.  Hard miles on them.

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Crawford as Blanche struggles with the complexities of her relationship with her sister plus her physical burden.  Her performance is top notch.

Davis as Baby Jane is beautiful.  Beautifully out of her mind.  Pathetic, sad, vicious, sadistic.  She uncensors herself and lets it fly.  Her performance is worth the watch.  CB loved her in this.  She has so many good scenes.  Get a load of her rehearsing her old act and singing “Letter to Daddy”  Creepy shit.  Victor Buono adds to the weirdness as her accompanist.

You want to get creeped out?  Get trapped in a house with this flick for a couple of hours.  You’ll be entertained.  CB was.

“I’m writing a letter to daddy….”  AHHHHHHH!

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