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Album: Led Zeppelin

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This was the second Led Zeppelin album Cincinnati Babyhead heard even though it was their debut record.  So he kind of knew what to expect.  He knew he wanted to hear more of this band.

Opening riff of the first cut, yeah that’s the same band.  Jimmy Page cuts loose with a killer solo.

The baby song ‘Babe I’m Going to Leave You’ starts with acoustic guitar and some cool vocals then the kick into high gear with their sound.  Lost count of how many times Plant says baby.  CB loves this cut.

‘You Shook Me’ just keeps it going.  Slow heavy blues.  Willie Dixon tune. Babyhead was becoming familiar with his work.  Cool organ.  Solid Zeppelin cover.

Heavy bass for ‘Dazed and Confused’.  What a great sound.  One of CB’s favorite Zeppelin songs, one of his favorite songs period.  These guys just played great music.  End of side one and Babyhead’s head was blown.

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In church or what for the opening of side two?  No, just starts that way then kicks into a very cool tune.

Acoustic ‘Black Mountain Side’ takes it into a different sound.  Still very good.  Then Boom!…back to kicking it out with ‘Communication Breakdown’.  Another Page solo.  Never get tired of them.

Another Dixon tune Led Zeppelin style.  More of that blues sound CB was digging.  This band just kept setting the hook.

What a cool sound for the last cut.  ‘How Many More Times’

This album is relentless.  A good record by a real good band.  No throwaways.  Not a bad tune.  Lightning struck in 1969 when these guys went into the studio.  Not a bad debut record.

Cincinnati still plays this LP on a regular basis today.  He has it on record, 8 track, cassette, cd.  All of them just in case any of his listening devices breaks down.

Yeah CB likes this record.  One of his faves.  Crank it!…..

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