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Album: Blind Faith

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‘Had to Cry Today’ is the first cut on the LP.  It has a cool riff with a great guitar solo.  The band jams out for over 8 minutes.  Cincinnati Babyhead liked what he heard.  He knew this band was a mix of a couple guys from Cream and another from Traffic.  He really dug what he heard from those bands so he was anticipating some cool, good music.  And he got it.

Softer sound on the second song ‘Can’t find My Way Home’.  Nice acoustic guitar.  Liked the voice, the lyrics.  Liked the song.  Next they throw in a Buddy Holly tune.  CB didn’t know who buddy was at the time but he dug the song.

‘Presence of the Lord’ starts out pretty mellow and then Clapton rips off some great licks.  Song sounds good today.

Second side starts with’Sea of Joy’, cool riff.  Acoustic guitar, organ, great vocals.  But it’s the violin that did it for Babyhead.  It was his intro into violin in rock music and he absolutely loved it.  It sounds great in this song.  Very cool tune.  CB fave.

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Organ, voice and drums come in together at the top of ‘Do What you Like’.  This is a 15 minute jam and it’s good.  Everyone takes a solo but it’s a the drums that dominate.  Bass lays down a steady groove.  When Ginger Baker takes over he goes to town.  Like I’ve said before CB likes a good drum solo.  Ginger cuts loose.  It’s like he’s going to explode.  Love this track. “Let it cook.  That’s what I said.  Do what you like”  Sounded like Blind Faith was doing what they liked which was playing music together.

CB just really dug this LP.  He was getting to know and like these musicians.  Winwood’s vocals, songs.  Clapton’s guitar.  Baker’s drums.  And the new guy Grech with the bass and violin.  Their music appealed to him.  He still digs it today.

Blind Faith was another great album in Babyhead’s musical ride.  He was going to keep his ears open for more music by these guys.

Never heard it.  Check it out.

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