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Movie Scene: Llewelyn and Deal gone bad – No Country For Old Men


“Fixing to do something dumb as hell but I’m going anyway”

Yeah what Llewelyn does is dumb but it makes a hell of a good scene.  He stumbles on a drug deal gone bad and thinks maybe he can cash in.  It’s all quiet at the scene then things go bad real fast.  A beautiful night in the desert turns into running for his life.

All the elements of film making come together to make this intense scene.  The Coens pull it off.  The landscape, thunder, dry lightning.  It’s beautiful.

Don’t think old Llewelyn is much of a triathlete but he does his best imitation.  When the bad guys cut the dog loose it’s all business.  Cincinnati Babyhead has been chased by a few dogs in his life.  Gets the heart pumping.  Brolin is put in the situation and you’re with him on his run.  Intense.

How a little night stroll in the desert can go so wrong.  Yeah Llewelyn, you’re a dumb shit but what a wicked scene.

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