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Album: Fleetwood Mac In Chicago

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Cincinnati Babyhead was getting introduced to a lot of great music in his early youth.  ‘Fleetwood Mac in Chicago’ continued that trend.

He instantly liked this music.  Toned down from what he’d been listening to.  A more clean, straight forward sound.  Babyhead was introduced to the blues on an earlier record but this blew the doors open.  This was the one that opened it wide for blues music.

From the cover he figured it was a group of young white guys, Fleetwood Mac, with some older black guys.  You feel like you’re in the studio while these guys make this music.  In between takes you hear laughing and chatter from the studio.

Smooth electric guitar, lots of harp, good vocals on the first few cuts.  Side one they’re just getting warmed up.

Side two starts off with a killer track ‘Worlds in a Tangle’ a CB fave.  Imagine a 11 year old snot nosed kid singing the lyrics to this song. “World all in a tangle man..” The guitar lead in , drums, bass and piano are so cool.  Then the vocals.  Love this tune.  Yeah.  Could listen to this all day.

Next cut keeps it going in the same vein.  3rd cut a little harder edge.

Then comes the change.  Slow and real cool.  One of the older black guys on vocals.  Babyhead really dug it.  Man was it relaxed and cool.  He was backed by some nice playing.  No pretending here.  A whole new style of music was opening up for the kid.  Exciting stuff.  Babyhead was getting close to the source and he didn’t know it.

‘Hungry Country Girl”.  He never heard anything like this.  Man he was done.  “And every time she get hungry..she get can’t blame the girl cause she’s a country girl” Fan for life for this kind of music.  Otis Span did it to him.

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Onto side 3 with some great slide.  What a mix.  Little sax in the back ground.  Whoever came up with the idea of adding the sax,  buy that guy a cigar.  A good one.

‘Madison Blues’ It’s good.  A Babyhead favorite.  Listen to this one over and over.  The sax gets him every time. “We do the Madison blues and rock away your shoes..”

Side 4 starts with a slow blues and stays in the groove.

‘Rockin Boogie’.  J.T. cuts loose on the sax.  It’s a rocker and drove CB out of his mind.

‘Sugar Mama’ is the hardest track on the album.  These guys were good.

‘Homework’ ends the album.  Killer cut.  “Can’t do my homework anymore..”.  It’s what Babyhead was saying to his mom.

All bull shit aside this is a good album.  Sounds just as good today.  If you’ve never heard it or are new to this kind of music you are in for a treat.

CB’s first double album.  What an intro into the blues.  This was going to send him back in time to see where this music came from.

He was going to tell his brother to buy more of this kind of music but that was dicey since he wasn’t supposed to be listening to his brother’s records.

Oh well, patience kid.  In the meantime cook up some pork chops for your gal before “she get evil”and slap on this very cool record.


2 comments on “Album: Fleetwood Mac In Chicago

  1. Heavy Metal Overload
    September 17, 2017

    Madison Blues is just great. I think Spencer’s contribution to the early Mac gets overlooked.

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