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Album: Best Of Traffic

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Cincinnati Babyhead grabbed this off the pile and gave it a spin.  Right away it was a different sound from the guitar heavy music he was getting from other albums.  There was something that was catching his ear and his little mind.  Lots of new sounds and music.

The first few cuts were pulling him into this new sound and on ‘Coloured Rain’ it started to cook for CB.  Sax , guitar and organ making some good music.  Great, great sax.  Cool song.

Babyhead liked what he was hearing.  New sounds, all sorts of them.  He wasn’t hearing this stuff on his radio.

‘Hole In My Shoe’ was a different deal but there was something about it.  The young girls voice was a departure from the hard edge music he’d been listening to.  In hind sight CB really digs that idea.  Plus she can read better than Babyhead.  He was expanding his musical boundaries.

Side one was interesting but side two nailed it.

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‘Medicated Goo’.  What a great cut.  Loved the Traffic sound on this one.  “So follow me it’s good for you. That good old fashioned Medicated Goo” Love the lyric and voice on this plus the music.  It was growing on CB.

‘40,000 Headmen’.  Acoustic guitar, flute and percussion open this one.  Great lyric and voice.  Images came alive in the old mind.  “40,000 Headmen couldn’t make me change my mind”.  CB loves this tune.  Got him into different directions with his tastes.

‘Feelin Alright’ starts with some voice then the piano kicks in and the song becomes a lifetime fave for CB.  A great, great tune.  Sax comes in and CB loses it ( yeah you know he’s a card carrying sax lover ).  “Don’t get too lost in what I say but at the time I really felt that way…”  Yeah, it was in the system for life.

‘Shanghai Noodle Factory’ place where I once used to be nowhere doing nothing”.  CB was into doing nothing ( he still is ).  He was digging this band more and more.

CB gets his guitar fix with “Dear Mr. Fantasy play us a tune something to make us all feel happy”.  Wicked tune. These guys played some wicked music.  Where were the ideas coming from?

Babyhead picked another winner off the pile.  Discovered another really good band.  He’d be searching more of these guys out.  No info on the cover so he had some digging to do.

Do yourself a favor and get into “The Best of Traffic’ Real cool music!!!


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