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Movie Scene: Fat City -Dinner Time

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Tully’s getting dinner ready for him and Oma. She’s half drunk, lying on the bed.  Tully’s banging around their flop, cleaning up, cooking dinner. He finds out that Oma had a visit from her ex old man, Earl.  This sets an already on edge Tully off.   She’s pissed and he needs a drink.

Cincinnati Babyhead loves this scene ( and movie ).  Tyrell and Keach keep it real and keep it in the shit hole.  You feel like you’re in the room with them.  Keach serving the peas out of the can, Tyrell chewing her steak, Babyhead has been there.  Yummy!

Watch it and get your stomach grumbling.  Great piece of film.

Gritty, the way CB likes his steak and his film.  Maybe with a little HP and ketchup on the side.


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This entry was posted on January 24, 2016 by in 1972 movie, Boxing film, Drama, John Huston, Stacy Keach, Susan Tyrrell.


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