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Movie: Bullitt

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Star witness against the “organization” is assigned to Frank Bullitt to protect for forty hours.  Bullitt holes the witness up in a dump of a hotel with his men watching him around the clock.  Things go cow shit and the witness and the cop protecting him are shot by two gunmen.

Chalmers,the politician that chose Bullitt for the babysitting job tries to hang the blame  on Frank’s incompetence.  This doesn’t sit well with Frank.

Bullitt goes to work to see who set this hit up.  He feels that things are a bit hinky.  So we go to work with him to find out what’s up.

Cincinnati Babyhead is pulled into the film.  He goes on a slow burn with Bullitt.  Man what a good film this is.  Peter Yates sets it up and makes a great cop flick.  Great flick period.  Minimal dialogue with the camera telling the story.   Cinematography, music, editing are all top notch.  San Fransisco is a perfect setting.  You feel like you’re there.

McQueen is so good.  Subtle and believable.  You feel the weight of his character.  First time we see him, his partner comes by to get him up for work and McQueen is in his pajamas.  Like how cool is that, tough guy cop in pj’s.  Don Gordon as his partner is perfect.  You believe these two guys are real cops.

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Robert Vaughn as Chalmers is absolutely fantastic.  Vaughn at the hospital trying to lay blame on McQueen is such a great piece of film acting you feel like a voyeur.  “You watch your side of the street.  I’ll watch mine”.  Subtle and real cool.  Great stuff.  They do it again at the end.  CB loved it.  The acting is subtle, underplayed and naturalistic.  A great supporting cast rounds it out.

Oh yeah.  There’s a pretty good car chase.  When the hit man in the Charger clicks on his seat belt and stands on it, Babyhead was sitting in the theater with his stomach in his throat.  He still remembers it and feels it.  What a great film experience.

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CB loved this move.  One of his faves.

So head to San Fran for a great film that hits on all 16 cylinders.

Great film.  Great film making.


4 comments on “Movie: Bullitt

  1. dcw0731
    October 18, 2016

    Cb Answered my earlier question. Awesome movie. Did you ever see the original “Gone in 60 Seconds” movie? I think they whole object of 60 seconds was to create a car chase scene that was equal or better then this one

    Liked by 1 person

    • cincinnatibabyhead
      October 18, 2016

      Bullitt is a special film. Understated then ‘Boom’ they stand on it. I remember sitting in the theater and my stomach getting caught up in the ride. You could physically feel it. I think you can get the same effect on a good home screen today. Never saw the film you mentioned. How was it? I’ve seen the car chase thing done to death. ‘Bullitt’ is pretty hard to top.

      Liked by 1 person

      • dcw0731
        October 18, 2016

        If I remember correctly it was a Mustang just like the one in Bullitt and the guy gets chased for about a 1/2 hour by the cops. He sees a car just like it going into a car wash and swaps out the cars. The Mustang was completely trashed and when it comes out of the car wash the people who owned the one he swapped out are floored to see there car trashed by the car wash. There faces made the film. Much different story line then the newer version with Jolie and Cage.

        Liked by 1 person

      • cincinnatibabyhead
        October 18, 2016

        Yeah i remember now. It was a drive in type movie. Like you said it centered around the “car chase”. There were all those car movies, ‘Vanishing Point’, ‘Two Lane Blacktop’ etc. Loved those flicks. ‘Bullitt’ and ‘French Connection” were great flicks with great car scenes. ‘The Seven – Ups’ was another good one. Think it was the same stunt drivers and coordinator as ‘Bullitt’ . Good stuff. Could talk movies and music all day.

        Liked by 1 person

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