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Movie Scene: French Connection – Pick your feet


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Santa and his partner are having a little chase action on foot. Cincinnati Babyhead puts it together . Couple undercover cops after a bad guy. Santa’s sucking wind as the chase continues but the suspect runs out of gas in an abandoned lot where Santa and his helper start laying a beating on the guy. They drag him to another empty lot between two buildings and continue the interrogation.

“You got a friend here buddy” “When was the last time you picked your feet Willy?”

This is bad cop, bad cop.

“Hey shithead. When’s the last time you picked your feet? Huh?”

The bad guy knows he’s in trouble and what’s with this picking your fucking feet shit? These cops aren’t tracking right.

Great, great scene. Documentary style. Babyhead was blown a way. What a great piece of film. No acting involved, just real gritty shit. The look, the feel, all top notch stuff. CB loved the scene when he first saw it and loves it today.

Want to watch some good film making? Watch this. Intense, gritty, real, no bullshit. Fantastic. Hackman, Scheider,Weeks nail it and Friedkin catches it.

CB would have said he picked his feet if these guys were giving it to him the same way as Willy got it and CB has never even been close to Poughkeepsie.

So get your shoes and socks off people and watch this scene. Great scene from a great movie.

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