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Movie: On The Waterfront

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We open up on the docks. We follow a young guy from there to the streets. He stands outside a tenement building calling up to someone in an apartment. He says ” I got one of your birds” and to meet him on the roof so he can give it back to him. The guy from the apartment goes up to the roof and is thrown off.  He dies. Our guy who sent him up to the roof is standing on the street with a group of toughs. “I think someone fell off the roof”.. Our guy had no idea he was setting someone up to be killed. He’s shaken by what happened.

Cincinnati Babyhead follows Terry Malloy into the world of illegal activities on the waterfront. This racket is run by Johnny Friendly who’s being investigated by the Crime Commission. Terry is hooked up with Friendly  and is conflicted by what’s happening.

This is the backdrop for a great movie. CB was hooked.

Scene after scene of it just keeps coming. There’s so much to like about this film. Kazan uses the locations to give the actors everything they need to work their stuff. Brando is the real deal. “Conscience, that stuff, that stuff can drive you nuts”. A good movie always needs a bad guy and Lee J Cobb fits the bill. Eva Maria Saint is perfect. Her and Brando come up with some real truthful stuff. Check out Malden listening to Terry confess to Edie. It’s great film acting. Stieger is solid. The rest of the cast give it more depth.

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The look , the feel, the performances, the direction. It’s the whole package. Watching something like this sets the bar pretty high. Another great film experience for Babyhead.

So slap it on whatever you watch and get hooked by the Hook!! A BH Fave!!


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