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Single: Blue Suede Shoes – Carl Perkins


“Well it’s one for the money. (Beat) Two for the show. (Beat) Three to get ready now go cat go…..”

No thinking involved with this tune. CB just wanted to move it and shake it. He still does when he hears it.

This is rock’n roll. The best sound in the world. Rockabilly, whatever, it’s the best. Still is. One of the original rock’n roll songs by one of the original rockers. Carl Perkins. Go Cat Go!!

This song left a stamp on Babyhead, big time. For him it always comes back to this original stuff. ‘Blue Suede Shoes’ made him fall in love with rock’n roll.

“You can do anything but lay off of my Blue Suede shoes”

CB was a “Cat’ for ever.

Good one Carl!! Go Cat go!!!

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