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Album: Led Zeppelin Two

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Opening riff. Yeah. Drums kick in. Instantly like this music. The opening cut goes off on some strange trip, then the drums kick back in followed by a killer guitar that brings it back to rock’n roll. How couldn’t Cincinnati Babyhead not like it. “Shake for me girl I wanna be your back door man” CB is ok with that.

My sis’s dog used to howl when he heard ‘Whole Lotta Love”. Just sit there and stick his nose up in the air and let loose. It was the sound of the guitar. CB used to howl along with him. They were feeling it.

Slowed it down for the next cut. “And if I say to you tomorrow…” What ever these guys were doing it was working. More guitar and the cymbal on the drumming was cool. Great sound, style. Another great cut. Where was this sound coming from? Where did these guys learn how to play this shit?

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‘The Lemon Song” is back with the heavy sound. Good bass bits and that guitar riff. He lets loose a couple times. Solid drums underneath it all. What was with the lyrics? Babyhead never heard those on a record before. “squeeze my lemon…”Sure. Lots going on in this music.

4th cut has a change of pace. Drumming and organ slow it down.

“Heartbreaker” yeah! One of the best. Another killer guitar riff. They kick back in with their heavy sound. These guys know how to open up a cut. Guitar goes wild. Great bass. Right into the next cut “Living loving she’s just a woman..””better lay your money down..” rock’n roll Led Zeppelin style.

Slow it down for “Ramble On”for a bit with some cool lyrics and vocals then they open it up again with that sound they make. Four guys pulling it together. Some great music. CB’s head was blown. Lots of babies in this one (on the whole record). Singer liked that word.

Another great opening for this cut and then into a drum solo. Babyhead liked the drum solo and still likes a good drum solo today. This cut finishes the same way it started with that guitar riff. Right into….

..a slow bluesy sound. Harmonica and voice. “Watch this train roll down the track…I’m gonna bring it on home, bring it on home… out, watch out”. Boom! There’s that sound again. Man that’s good stuff! Great , great cut. What a way to end a record. CB loved this style and sound. Talk about wanting more of these guys. Babyhead and the dog would be checking out more of this band.

CB didn’t have anyone telling him to like this stuff. He just dug it. Maybe it was like the forbidden fruit. He was listening to it on the sly. Looking back how sly is it when the speakers are jumping off the floor.

CB wasn’t the most hip guy in the world but what was Lucy doing on the cover?

Slap on this record and turn it up loud. Great album.

Rock on Raif Badawi!

4 comments on “Album: Led Zeppelin Two

  1. Heavy Metal Overload
    September 17, 2017

    This album was my intro to Zep. It’s good stuff but the appeal of Zep wore away quite fast for me. I don’t get much out of listening to them anymore sadly.

    Liked by 1 person

    • cincinnatibabyhead
      September 17, 2017

      I listen to their first album the most. Revisit the others from time to time. Have listened to ‘Coda’ a few times lately and enjoyed it.


      • Heavy Metal Overload
        September 17, 2017

        The later albums are the ones where I still get some value. Houses, PG, Presence are my go-to albums. But I still don’t dig them like I used to.

        Liked by 1 person

      • cincinnatibabyhead
        September 17, 2017

        So much more good music out there. Can’t live in the Zep house forever. I hear you. I gave them a big break for a lotta years. CB is not a one band guy. A bit of a music “Floosie”


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