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Movie: The Bridge On the River Kwai

Poster - Bridge on the River Kwai, The_02

Build the bridge. Blow up the bridge.

Cincinnati Babyhead got the plot to this one and he also got a great motion picture. Again at an early age he was exposed to a great film which left an impression on his mind.

British prisoners of war are forced to build a bridge in the jungle for the Japanese. The British colonel will help build the bridge but no officers will do manual labor ( according to the Geneva convention ).The Japanese colonel Saito expects everyone to work including officers. To help soften up Nicholson, Saito puts him in the oven. Stubbornness on both sides is played out with Nicholson eventually getting his concession along with his men’s respect.

While this is going on,an American, Sears, escapes from the camp only to be sent back,reluctantly, later as part of a British commando team led by Warden, to blow up the bridge.

Guinness, Hayakawa, Holden and Hawkins are perfect in their roles. Cinematography is beautiful. You feel like you’re in the jungle. David Lean puts it all together. Guinness’ by the book performance, Hayakawa’s conflicted character makes for an interesting pairing.. Against this is Holden who just wants to get out of the war anyway he can. Hawkins is just a straight out professional killer in a uniform.

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So many great scenes. When Nicholson is let out of the “oven the respect and love he gets from his men is played against Saito’s loneliness in his quarters.

The ending is perfect. “He’s gone mad” “Kill him! Kill Him!” What Have I done? ” CB could feel the reality of these words. Guinness picking up his hat and dusting it off in the end scene is a perfect touch. Guinness’s performance should be watched.

One of Babyhead’s fave films. He’s seen it a few times over the years. Oh yeah, CB loved that tune they whistled in the movie.

So make some popcorn, lots because the movie’s long ( but worth it ) and go build a bridge, blow up a bridge and “be happy in your work”

CB is whistling some tune that is stuck in his head .

Who the hell is Colonel Bogey?

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