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Movie Scene: Blazing Saddles – Sheriff Bart & The Waco Kid

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Every time Babyhead sees the Waco Kid pull on that whiskey bottle he can’t help chuckling.

Sheriff Bart and the Kid is one cool friendship.

The new sheriff is doing a little housekeeping around the jail when he hears someone stirring from the cells. He goes to see and finds his only prisoner hanging upside down from his bunk. The prisoner has a hit out of his jug and the sheriff in a concerned tone says “a man drinks like that and he don’t eat he is going to die” Waco replies “when?” The beginning of their friendship.

A few more pulls on the the bottle, some small talk ( Mel Brooks style ) and you have two of the coolest most unlikely guys ever put in a western. CB believed these two liked each other and would become friends.   Who wouldn’t want to hang with Gene Wilder and Cleavon Little.

Babyhead wanted some of what the Waco kid was guzzling. “Glug glug glug”

So do some serious drinking and laughing and hang with Bart and Jim in the old west.

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