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Single: Brown Eyed Girl – Van Morrison


“Hey where did we go, days when the rains came…”

Well here we go. One of the best. Babyhead dug it the moment it popped out of the radio. Man what a great tune!

“our hearts a thumping”  “going down the old mine with a transistor radio’. CB had a transistor radio that fit into the palm of his hand. He’d crank that baby up and put it on his ear for this song.

“All along the waterfall with you, my Brown Eyed Girl”  “Do you remember when, we used to sing. Sha la la la….” Great vocal. And did those lyrics kick up some images in Babyhead’s head while he was groove’n to the music.

“in the green grass behind the stadium with you, My brown eyed girl…Sha la la la….”

Van just kept kicking them out.

Dig out the transistor or what ever device you have and go for a stroll with the ‘Brown Eyed Girl”

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