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Album: Truth – Jeff Beck


Another great album off the brother’s pile. And another one of those guitar guys that were all cut from the same cloth. Some more new sounds for Cincinnati Babyhead.

The liner notes on the back cover said “must be played at maximum volume”. So Babyhead cranked it up and had the old hi fi crackling and smoking.

‘Shapes of Things’, great opening cut. CB just let the music take him and yeah it did sound good loud. Second cut another good one. Different sounds coming from the guitar. Voice and guitar trading licks. The album just builds. CB wasn’t an expert on guitar playing but this sure sounded cool to him.

The liner notes said ‘You Shook Me’ is “the rudest sounds ever recorded” CB liked it.

‘Old Man River’ has a great vocal and more of that guitar. Cool drum sound. ‘Everyone was super on this one”

Greensleeves is a change of pace and then ‘Rock My Plimsoul’ gets back to that sound. Hard rock. One of Babyheads all time faves. Jeff Beck goes to work. This song stamped itself on CB. He liked music played this way. Great great cut. It cooks.

‘Beck’s Bolero’ is an instrumental which starts out with a different style and then kicks into a hard rocker. Yeah, CB still has the box cranked.

‘Blues De Luxe’. It says blues in the title so I guess this was one of CBs first intros into the blues. “Don’t know much about love people..” Babyhead didn’t know much about love either but he did know  that he liked this song. Stewart’s voice is great here. Heavy bass and some great piano by Nicky Hopkins. JB rips on guitar.

Opening riff on ‘I Ain’t Superstitious’ which he stole from some ‘Wolf’ guy, is a classic. Great tune. “Ain’t superstitious but a black cat crossed my trail..” The whole band is cook’n on the final cut with Beck “being flash on the guitar” What a way to end an album. CB wanted more of this stuff.

Notes on the back of the album, gives rundown on the songs. Plus more people and bands for CB to check out.


Nothing soft about this music. It’s hard, loud and it’s real good. Loved this album and still do. Great debut by Beck and the boys. Rod Stewart’s vocals were perfect. Jeff Beck fan for life.

It was getting hard for CB to sneak listen to his brothers records especially when he had it cranked so loud you could hear it a couple blocks away. A few close calls but hey, it was worth it. All for rock’n roll.

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