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Movie scene: Dirty Harry – Kezar Stadium

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Harry has followed the bad guy to where he lives. Kezar Stadium.

From the moment Harry jumps the fence, the hunt is on. It’s night and through the dark, quiet, deserted concourse of Kezar  we see and hear our two adversaries do their cat and mouse. The sound of the footsteps echoing in the quiet space is a cool touch. When our bad guy makes his way to the field, Harry emerges from the concourse and yells to him “Stop!”

Harry’s partner hits the lights, the field is illuminated. What a great looking scene. Scorpio is in the middle of the field with his hands up. Night has become day. We cut to Harry pointing his gun. Boom!! Our sweetheart is sent ass over tea kettle.

Now the intensity is ramped up. “Go and get some air Fatso” Harry makes his way to his wounded target who’s playing the victim now, crying, asking for a lawyer and a doctor. Babyhead didn’t think Eastwood was going to get him one until he found out “Where’s the girl?” “I have rights” Harry didn’t care about his rights and either did Babyhead.

Violent? Nasty? Yeah. The look, the performances ( Andy Robinson is a heatbags heatbag ) the music, all feed a great scene. Eastwood, Robinson, Siegel, Surtees, Schifrin get it together for this piece of film. CB loved it then and still loves it  today.

Oh yeah. Kezar Stadium was pretty cool too.

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