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Album: Are You Experienced – The Jimi Hendrix Experience

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The opening riff of ‘Purple Haze’ caught Cincinnati right away. Another new sound for Babyhead. The same hardness he was being exposed to but a different style and sound. What an intense dose of music he was getting at an early age. This album added to that. He didn’t have anyone telling him to like this music and telling him it was good. He just dug it.

‘Hey Joe’, Jimi’s guitar cuts loose on a very cool cut. CB liked the vocals also. Timeless tune. This album was one of the initial LPs of this kind of music CB listened too. He played the whole album, both sides That’s what he figured you were supposed to do.

The music might have been advanced for CB in what these guys were doing but Babyhead just loved the sound. The sound was the thing on this record.

‘The Wind Cries Mary’ just sounded great. The image of a “broom drearily sweeping”, Hendrix’s voice suits  this song. A smoother guitar sound. Babyhead loved this cut.

‘Fire’ is just a rocker done Jimi Hendrix style. Never get tired of listening to this cut.

At the time CB didn’t have any preconceived ideas or opinions on this music. He just slapped it on the old record player and listened. He was taken away by what he heard. He was on his own with what he was hearing. His experience with the record. He was just digging what he was listening to. An essential album in his music listening history.

Opening of ‘Foxy Lady’, the guitar, the voice, it was the sound. CB kind of had an idea what a Foxy Lady was, but it was still about what he was hearing that got him. This guy’s style.

The cover was kinda cool. These guys didn’t dress like Babyhead ( t-shirts, jeans and bootrunners ) that’s for sure. Back cover was a little more gritty. Dig the toothpick. Liner notes included “used to be an Experience meant making you a bit older. This one makes you wider” OK. I guess CB got wider.

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So many different sounds on this record and CB wanted to hear more of this guy and his band.

Cincinnati Babyhead was lucky his brother listened to cool music. “Hey you little prick. You better not have been listening to my records or you’re dead” CB denied it to the end but if you looked at the record his greasy little fingers were all over it. Thanks brother.

Listen to ‘Are You Experienced’ and get “Wide” man!

2 comments on “Album: Are You Experienced – The Jimi Hendrix Experience

  1. Badfinger (Max)
    March 25, 2023

    You were fortunate CB to grow up with cool music at your greasy little fingertips. I can’t imagine at the time what people thought of this alien with a wild guitar at the time.
    When you hear an intro to a Hendrix song… you know right away it’s a Hendrix song. He had such a signature guitar sound, style, and voice…there was no doubt.


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