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Movie Scene: Kes – Soccer game

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It’s like someone snuck a camera into one of Cincinnati’s  PE classes when he was a kid. Man did this scene kick up some memories.

Scene opens with a PE teacher jogging across a soccer field with a ball, decked out in his soccer gear. You can tell the guy’s an asshole.

He goes into the change room to hurry the kids up for class. Billy Casper, our main kid, has forgotten “his kit” (strip) which pisses off an already pissed off teacher. Casper manages to get a pair of ill fitting shorts so he can participate. Out to the field the class goes. Half the kids would rather be anywhere else but there. They pick teams. The old 1st pick last pick deal with our buddy Casper being the last pick for the teachers team. “Casper I got to have you”

Game on!

PE teacher running around in his own world thinking he’s in the World Cup. Some of the boys are into it with other boys standing around freezing their asses off waiting for this bull shit to end. Billy our hero is in goal . CB has seen some goal tending in his life but Casper is up there as one of the best.

This is a great piece of film. You can feel it. Like you’re there playing. Anyone who took phys ed will relate. The teacher is a beauty, the kids are great. It looks and feels real.

Great scene, great movie. Billy Casper is CBs hero.

2 comments on “Movie Scene: Kes – Soccer game

  1. 1537
    June 6, 2017

    My favourite ever film. Every time I watch it I just desperately hope it will have a different ending though.

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    • cincinnatibabyhead
      June 6, 2017

      This was one of my first takes when I first started this CB thing. So that tells a tale on how much I like this scene and film (time to do a take on the whole film). I knew you liked this one from the list you sent. Loach does the ‘My name is Joe” you recommended. I working my way through all his films. ‘Kes’ is just a great piece of film. Not one false note. The ending gets me too. How popular was this film on your side? I lived this scene in my school days right down to the prick teacher. You went back in the vaults for this one.

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