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Movie: Oliver Twist

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One of the first films Cincinnati Babyhead ever watched and it was a lot for a kid to absorb.

The story would be the first thing to grab him, then the look, the feel and the characters. Probably one of the scariest films BH ever saw then and now. Just the trip the Twist kid goes on. At the mercy of whatever comes his way. And you’re on the trip with him.

Leaving a bad situation ( has a character deserved a shit kicking more than Noah Claypole ) he makes his way to London. In the overwhelming size and congestion of the city he runs into a street kid who befriends him with an offer of “food and lodgings”

Oliver is thrown into a world he is totally unprepared for. His new friend, the Artful Dodger introduces him to Fagan, Bill Sykes, Nancy, a sort of family of thieves and criminals who live a tough violent existence. Oliver has a bit of a break from his new makeshift family when by chance he is befriended by an old gentleman. It is short lived and he is thrown back into the group of thieves. BH could feel the emotion of this ride. Despair, hope and then despair again.

The film takes you on an emotional ride. There’s a lot going on.

The performances are fantastic. From the minor characters to the main characters. Guinness and Newton lead the way. Is there a nastier movie character than Bill Sikes? A more creepy pathetic one than Fagan?  And one of CBs all time fave characters in the movies, the Artfull Dodger. Unforgettable performances

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So many great scenes from the first meeting of Twist and the Dodger. Dodger taking him to meet Fagan to Bill going after Nancy for selling him out. Just the violence of the scene, witnessed by the dog, man BH still gets the chills.Then the next morning with Sikes sitting in the death room. Scary shit.

This film all comes under the eye of David Lean. What a great film by a great filmmaker. CB watches it periodically to remind himself what movies are all about.

“What’s it all about Fagan?”   “Ill treating the boys again?”

Charlie’s story brought to life on the screen. Do yourself a favor and go hang out with the Dodger and the gang for a couple hours. Hang on to your wallet and hankies.

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