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Movie Scene: One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest – Baseball game

cuckoo ratched 1

It’s World Series time and Cincinnati Babyhead being a big ball fan, thought this scene fit.

McMurphy needs one more vote to get the game on. The Chief raises his hand to give McMurphy the deciding vote but the nurse had adjourned the meeting so the vote doesn’t count. No game. McMurphy comes unglued and Babyhead is with him. It’s like he’s in the scene.

Randle goes and plunks himself in front of the tv , pissed off. Really pissed off.. Babyhead wants him to throw a chair through the tv. Wants him to do something. And he does.

McMurphy changes gears. He sees the game and starts to call it.. The others patients start to filter out to see what he’s seeing. “Koufax, Koufax kicks he delivers….” The patients are picking up the vibe and start to see what Randle is describing. “Koufax is in trouble, big trouble…” The boys are into it big time, cheering,clapping, seeing the action, caught up like its’ really happening. “Someone get me a fucking wiener before I die..” “It’s the great Micky Mantle. Mantle swings it’s a fucking home run” The boys erupt into celebration and so does Babyhead, he’s dancing in the aisles. Great scene!!

Get a glove, a beer , a wiener and check it out.

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