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Album: Fresh Cream

Fresh Cream

“Driving in my car smoking My cigar the only time I’m happy is when I play my guitar..” The first lyric of the first cut of the first album Cincinnati Babyhead ever listened to. Jack Bruce sings the verse, Ginger Baker kicks in and then Eric Clapton cuts loose.

CB never heard anything like it. His young mind is blown and as he keeps listening to the record it gets further blown.

Sleepy Time Time. “I’m a sleepy time baby, sleepy time boy..”

He listened to the whole album from lead ins to fade outs. “That’s spoon that’s spoon that’s spoonful.” Come on man. CB was gonesville. He loved it then and he loves it now. Drums, guitars, harmonica. He never heard instruments played like this. He liked it. He was shakin’ and babbling.

He had to sneak listen to the album because it was his older brother’s. Risking a beating he would continue to listen when he could. He couldn’t stop.

Rollin’ and Tumblin’ kicks in and CB starts to jump around like a wild man. He goes ape. Toad?He didn’t know what was coming but he wanted to hear. Ginger Baker beating the drums and the other two kicking in some licks. Album over? No it’s not. Flip it back to side one and put the needle down for another spin. “I’m so glad I’m glad I’m glad I’m glad”

Cool cover too. CB actually thought These guys were in the air force. Jack Bruce looks like a 13 year old WWI pilot.  Man is that cool! Notes on the back cover. Muddy waters, Skip James, Willie Dixon, Manfred Mann, Graham Bond Organization. John Mayall, The Yard birds. Who are these guys? CB was going to find out.

images (3)

You’ve never heard this album, then check it out. You’ve listened to it before. Revisit. It’s good, real good.

Cincinnati Babyhead is getting in his car with a cigar and he’s going to slap a tape into the 8 track  and crank it. Maybe go find a game.

“Alright all right all right all right…..”

Thanks for tuning in.


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